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Hi. My name is Mike Aronson and I wanted to welcome you to my website. The purpose of the website is to share my images with my family and friends. To the left and below, you will find the links to:

- HOME: If you get lost, start over on my homepage. There are also breadcrumbs at the top of the page to also help your location. Keep in mind that there are thousands of photos on this site with hundreds of folders, so there is no shame in feeling a little lost from time to time (grin).

- PORTFOLIO: This is where you will find my favorite photos to share with friends and family. I have also provided an image link below. If you are new to my website, this is probably where you will want to begin.

- PHOTO ARCHIVES: These are all of my photos and my son refers to this as a "Rabbit Hole" as there are thousands of images...some will require a password or a link sent from me so that you can find the photos. If you are new here, I would suggest starting with my Portfolio images.

- ABOUT: This page tells you a little about me, Mike Aronson, and the brief story of how the domain name came to be.

- CONTACT: This is a contact form so that you can send me an email with any questions or comments. Don't forget to be social...my social icon links are below for Facebook, etc.

- COPYRIGHT: This is where I get a little help from a friend to explain how I share my photos...

Anyhow, if you like my photos, let me know. You can create links to social media or leave comments and feedback if you want. Thanks for visiting!

Mike Aronson


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