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Mike Aronson

Hello. Welcome to Mike Aronson's website. He is the photographer behind 123smilePhotos.Com and the domain name and the site were a holiday gift from his son (David) and his daughter (Michelle). Nice, huh?!

How about some background on him?

Photography is his passion and his hobby. But his kids remember the long relentless photos. Hey we were kids and we didn't like sitting still for too long. So while he figured out his camera, he would slowly say, "One...Two...Three...(lens cap is still on)...smile". We laugh about it now...so we thought it was the perfect domain name for him. What better way to showcase your photos than with your own website!

A little background on our Dad. He has a technical and teaching background. After graduating with an advanced degree at Yale University, he taught science at a private school on the top of a mountain in Switzerland...wait for it...skiing home each day after work. Mike lives in Silicone Valley and worked as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry working on projects such as satellite communications for businesses and the federal government. A lot of his work was so "Secret Squirrel" that to this day he isn't allowed to discuss some of the details of his finished projects.

But what Mike can talk about is math and photography. He has also helped thousands of students pass calculus and algebra over the years, having taught as a professor for a number of local colleges. In fact, I am not sure if I would have passed a compressed Summer Calculus in college if it weren't for his tutoring. I got an "A" too. Hahaha. Thanks Dad. 

Now retired, he loves to travel and plays a brass instrument in a concert band in the San Francisco Bay Area. He recently played in Monterey in front of almost 1000 people. Wow. 

Anyhow. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy his website,

We love you Dad,

David Aronson (son)

Michelle Phares (daughter)

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